Finnish books

The Finnish people in Finland and worlwide consists million and one well-readers. All of us are reading some kind of books or magazines. Many of the
Finnish expatriates enjoys with reading books in Finnish language, "suomeksi", too. Maybe you know somebody of your friends who is Finnish-speaking? Please, tell him or her about these pages and us. Thank you!
  It's very cool now to read Finnish literature, books written in Finnish. We are pleased to tell you at yours own bookseller or bibliotheca is enable to buy
our books through Finnish agents.


Oy JAP-Publisher Ltd is a publishing firm which is producing especially Finnish books, suomeksi.

The Finnish name Pyykönen may be in the foreign writings too Pyykonen or Pyykoenen.
If you haven't the Scandinavian characters in use, you shall use letters without dots, like Pyykonen or maybe sometimes Pyykoenen.

Today (since begin of year 2002) Finland have the new monetary unit. The Finnish currency unit is now the European euro, €. The cash is in Finnish raha.

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